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Green Initiative

We aim to reduce our environmental impact at Forest Hills Stadium through meaningful actions throughout the venue and behind the scenes. This season, Forest Hills Stadium will be carbon neutral with a goal of being climate positive. From our concession areas to backstage and beyond, we're committed to making shows at Forest Hills Stadium as environmentally friendly as possible and offsetting any impact we do have. The Forest Hills Stadium 2024 concert season will operate climate neutral with a goal of being climate positive.


  • Free drinking water refill stations
  • Solar-powered phone charging stations
  • Easily-recyclable rPet and aluminum packaging at concessions
  • Comprehensive recycling program to divert recyclable materials from landfills
  • 28 upcycled shipping containers onsite which have been retrofitted as bars, bathrooms, artist dressing rooms, and other functional spaces
  • Use of energy-efficient LED or energy efficient fluorescent lighting for all lighting fixtures onsite
  • Use of shore power backstage to power artist’s production needs, saving consumption of fuel that would otherwise be used to power trucks & tour buses while parked and eliminates the air pollution associated with consumption of that fuel

Carbon Offsets

For the past two years, Forest Hills Stadium has supported a carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and wildlife protection project at Medford Spring Grassland Conservation in Colorado to neutralize significantly more carbon than is generated each season. Per calculations from REVERB - which are determined by assumptions based on the square footage of the compound, predicted fan and employee travel to and from shows, electric and gasoline usage, waste created, and other considerations - Forest Hills Stadium has offset the venue’s carbon footprint by 150% for each of the past two years, offsetting more than 2,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions while protecting 6,900 acres of grassland from being developed.

This is just the beginning, and we look forward to growing the initiative every season as new ideas and technology become available.